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MtdKeyboard for MacOS

  • MtdKeyboard for MacOS is a software of MTD VISION and is released for free. If you have paid for this software then you got scammed. So make sure that you downloaded this software from our website to ensure that you are not using a fake software. Please contribute comments, request new features here in the comments field.

    Our goal for this project is to help us the Montagnards to teach our children to not forgetting our own language. Since none of our languages is an official known language, some of the Unicode characters are still missing for us to completely design our keyboard. We have contacted the Unicode system administrator and hopefully they will fulfill our wish in adding the missing characters. 

    We try to find the best way to make this keyboard simple and easy to use.

    • Fast typing or double type: cc = č, nn = ñ, dd = đ, ee = ê and more
    • Shortcuts table:
      Add your shortcuts in the shortcuts table to help you type more easily.
      Shortcut examples: mmong = mmông, mmun = mmuñ

    The picture below shows you how the Mtd Keyboard looks like. Please study the keys and special keys.

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